Serengeti Migration Safaris is best holidays tour takes you to Tanzania northern circuit game parks. It involve a visit to Serengeti plain and other game park like ngorongoro, lake Manyara and tarangire. Large number of wildlife  will be explored while on this plain of Serengeti including amazing movements of animals (Serengeti great Wildebeest Migrations)  which occur seasonal between Kenya and Tanzania. Over 4 millions strong wildebeest and Zebra migrate north from the Serengeti to Masai Mara reserve in Kenya every year.Serengeti Migration Safari

The level of luxury you seek for?. as safari packages my be customized in relation to what you need in term of luxury. Accommodation is the basic factor which determine the level of luxury or budget. There is budget lodges, mid-range budget and luxury lodges. Also Budget camping, Mid-range budget and Luxury Tented camping.

Season of the year, The cost also vary in relation to the seasons, as we have high season, low season and peak season. During high season and peak season, the cost of different facilities become higher outside and inside the parks. The fact is there are large number of visitors. But in low season mostly during wet season, the cost tend to decrease as no many client travel during these seasons.

For easy booking in one of popular Tanzania game park destination just relax and let us the passionate local expert organize your dream safari in Tanzania by selecting best place of your interest during your holidays Trip to Tanzania.

When to go to Serengeti

At the end of January, through the wet season it brings “short rains” to the Serengeti; it usually rains for a short time and not every day. We met the Serengeti Migration groups in the south east of the Serengeti Park and the nearby Ngorongoro crater. When the dry season arrives around June, the grasses are drained and the wildebeest head to permanent water forming columns which expanse for miles, the wildebeest are joined by other bovid animals. Hunters follow and crocodiles wait excitedly in the rivers. Only those herbivores which can do without surface water for long periods and live on poor feed remain during the dry season.

Come November, when the grazing is complete in the north and the rains restart in the south, the crowd of animals flows back to the rehabilitated grasses to mate and giving birth to new calve. Only through Serengeti Migration can the crowds use the extensive resources of the ecosystem and build up such vast numbers.
Wildebeest are always on the move, all the time striving for the side with the greener grass.

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